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Denney Designs has been creating custom wedding flowers since 1995. Because Denney Designs is a studio florist, as opposed to a retail outlet, our clients always receive the quality they desire at a great value. More of your investment is seen in your flowers because the cost of overhead is reduced. There are more good reasons to choose Denney Designs:


The floral business has been in my family for 3 generations. My grandma used to own a flower shop in the University District of Seattle where my mother learned the business and where my parents met.

My father delivered flowers for a local wholesale florist and he eventually became partners in a well known wholesale florist in Seattle.

Because both my parents were in the floral industry I grew up working in flower shops and at the wholesale florist. I can't believe I now have over 25 years experience as I began working in the floral business when I was 16.

I also provide floral service for a few restaurants in Seattle and design their table, hostess and restroom flowers on a weekly basis. They have referred me for many banquets and I design their Christmas decorations each year as well.

Wedding flowers are my specialty. I look forward to each wedding as a new opportunity to create the most beautiful arrangements and bouquets possible according to your style with special attention and time. I also enjoy special events such as banquets, wedding receptions, and parties. I am able to recreate designs you bring to me from magazines and photos.

Work Ethic

I look forward to providing you with wedding flowers that are unforgettable and at a price you can afford. I am available to meet with you evenings and Saturdays to accommodate work schedules. I love what I do and feel blessed to have been given the ability to do this type of work.

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